LALA Feel Good Loyalty Club

At LALA Hair Studio, where luxury meets care, we're excited to introduce something special – our brand new Loyalty Program: Feel Good Loyalty Club, designed with you in mind.

Why a Loyalty Program?

We've always cherished the personal connections we've built, celebrating the big moments in your life and the small joys in your day. Now, we want to give back even more to the community that's made our studio a vibrant, caring space.

What You'll Love About Our Program:

Earn as You Spend: For every dollar you spend on hair services, earn 1 loyalty point. Simple and straightforward - watch your points grow with each visit!

Treat Yourself with Your Points: Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

Sensitive Scalp treatment - a go-to if you have any issues with dandruff - 375 points

$25 Product Gift Cards – a delightful treat that will need only 575 points

Wella Essential Hair Treatment - 525 points

Wella Advanced Hair Treatment - 825 points

Wella Premium Hair Treatment - 1050 points

Eye-brow or eye-lash tint - 575 points

Wash and Blow dry - 1500 points

Olaplex 1+2 - 1275 points

Stay Informed About Your Points:

Just ask our Studio Coordinator on your next visit to track your growing points.

Redeeming Made Easy:

Post-appointment, Lauren will update you on your points and assist in redeeming them for your desired rewards.

Automatic Enrolment for Our Valued Clients:

You're already part of this exclusive program - no signup needed! And if you were with us in the Platinum, Gold, or Silver tier previously, you’ll start with bonus points as a thank you for your continued loyalty.

We feel honoured that you chose LALA Hair Studio💕


Is there a physical membership card?

- No, no card. Your membership is connected to your LALA Studio account. 

How often do I visit the salon to maintain my points?

 We appreciate different circumstances in life, and we are glad to see you whenever you are ready to come back but to keep the points you will need to visit us at least once a year. 

Can I refuse to be a member of the Club?

-       You sure can. No penalties or obligations to be in the club

Where can I find your T&C?