LALA Feel Good Loyalty Club

Welcome to our newly opened LALA Feel Good Loyalty Club.
By invitation only! Check your email to see if you are a member of the Club.
We are excited to introduce three tiers to reward and spoil our most loyal babes. 
Benefits that Club members are entitled to include but are not limited to: exciting gifts with every reservation, special offers, and product discounts.

We feel honoured that you chose LALA Hair Studio💕


How can I join LALA Loyalty Club?

- You need to be invited by Leigh.

What is a gift?

- It could be a product sample, a small bag, or a hair product.

Is there a physical membership card?

- No, no card. Your membership is connected to your LALA Studio account.

How do I move up the tier?

- You need to acquire at least 2000 points (you can earn points by paying for the service and/or products at the salon) in 12 months starting from 01/09/2022. You can check your points balance by asking our studio coordinator Lauren. When you reach the 2000 points mark, we will send you an email congratulating you on moving to the next level.

How often do I visit the salon to maintain my tier?

- There is no requirement on how often you must come to keep a silver/gold/platinum level. We appreciate different circumstances in life, and we hope to see you whenever you are ready to come back

What are the benefits of each tier?

- The specific benefits of each tier will be available/emailed to you once you achieve it.

How do I know who else is in the Club?

- We keep the list of the club members private, so we don't disclose any sensitive personal information. 

Can I refuse to be a member of the Club?

-       You sure can. No penalties or obligations to be in the club