Personalised hair services

Our team specialises in creating stunning blondes, vibrant colours, modern style haircuts for women and men, and blow dries tailored to your unique style. As skilled hairdressers and colour specialists, we take pride in delivering exceptional results.

Hair Extensions

A personalised service to help you achieve your hair dreams. Extensions are often used to add in length, thickness and colour. They can even be used to enhance your going out blow-dry. Our Hair Extension specialists at LALA Hair Studio offer Wefts, Tapes and Clip-ins. A complimentary consultation is required for this service.

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Hair Smoothing and Straightening

At LALA we offer two distinct approaches to achieving smooth and sleek hair: Aura Hair Smoothing for a semi-permanent, fade-away finish that works even on colored hair, and Chemical Hair Straightening for a permanent sleek look, best for uncolored hair. Aura Smoothing gently fades over 4-6 months without regrowth lines, while Chemical Straightening offers lasting smoothness with a clear regrowth line.

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Permanent Waves

Our expert stylists specialize in creating beautiful permanent waves that will leave you feeling absolutely gorgeous. Whether you prefer soft, flowing waves or tight, defined coils, our team will tailor the curls to your exact style preferences. From the initial consultation to expert aftercare advice, we're here to ensure you have the perfect curls that last. Get ready to fall in love with your hair all over again!

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Men's Haircut

Did you know we're passionate about men's grooming as well? With our expertise, we masterfully blend away greys, ensuring you look impeccably sharp, whether you prefer a classic style or something more funky.

Beyond haircuts and colour, we're also experts in beard grooming and addressing scalp issues, adding a touch of luxury to every visit. Book our Men's Short Hair Makeover package: a stylish cut and colour, plus your choice of a beard trim or a scalp treatment, all for just $160!

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Hair treatments

  • Wella Essential

    Wella Essential treatment with an essential oil hot towel that takes 5 minutes. Helps to add moisture, repair and anti-frizz your hair. Can be done as often as weekly.

  • Wella Advanced

    Wella Advanced helps to repair, balance, hydrate, or protect colour of your hair, leaving it silky smooth and frizz-free. Your hairdresser will choose from our Luxe, Balance, Hydrating, Colour, and Smoothing treatments to give your hair the nourishment it needs. Trust us to create a bespoke treatment plan for the perfect healthy hair you deserve.

  • Wella Premium

    Wella Premium crafted with only the finest ingredients, this treatment is designed to deeply penetrate and revitalize every strand of your hair, leaving it looking and feeling soft, shiny, and full of life.The addition of the Infusion (liquid hair) Stronger/Super Booster takes this treatment to the next level, providing an extra boost of nourishment and repair to even the most damaged hair. This premium hair treatment is suitable for all hair types and is gentle enough for use on color-treated hair.

  • Wella Plex

    The top-performing Bond Maker is specially formulated to minimize hair damage and establish internal bonds in the hair during coloring or lightening processes. When combined with hair lightener or color, it enhances the colour process for optimal results. This product ensures ideal color and lift development for perfect hair transformation. It is only for use in-salon.

  • Olaplex Express

    Olaplex Express internally works on the hair, it seeks out broken disulphide bonds caused by chemical, thermal, mechanical, or environmental damage and repairs them. In salon experience only.

  • Olaplex 1+2

    Olaplex 1+2 works to repair and strengthen hair from within, targeting broken bonds caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. Olaplex No. 1 begins the restoration process, while No. 2 completes it, leaving your hair stronger, healthier, and more resilient. Ideal for all hair types, this treatment is a perfect addition to any chemical service to ensure the utmost hair integrity.

  • Scalp Care Treatments: Dandruff & Sensitive Scalp

    Discover the relief of tailored scalp care at LALA. Our dandruff treatment targets and eliminates flakes at the source, promoting a clean, healthy scalp. Meanwhile, our sensitive scalp solution soothes irritation with gentle, hypoallergenic formulas. Trust LALA for a comfortable, revitalized scalp and beautiful hair.

  • ORIBE Renewal Treatments

    Designed exclusively by Oribe, these custom-blended antidotes are crafted to restore holistic hair health, offering a personalized solution to meet your unique hair needs. Whether seeking to build resilience and prevent breakage, seal in softness and combat frizz, or extend the life of your color, these treatments deliver results that are scientifically backed to be 4 times smoother and 74% more manageable. Witness a remarkable transformation towards lustrous and polished perfection, with a reflective shine that embodies the epitome of healthy hair.

Beauty services

Eye Brow Tint

Enhance, contour, and define your eyebrows by having semi-permanent colour applied. Eye Brow Tinting creates the impression of thicker, more defined brows by matching the natural colour of your brows as closely as possible.

Eye Lash Tint

Accentuate your eyes and get stunning definition with Eye Lash Tinting.

Makeup Artistry

Indulge in our makeup services and let our skilled artist bring out the best in your natural beauty.

Not sure what you need?

If you don't know what to choose or can't decide what to do with you hair, let our stylists decide for you! Book I don't know what I want and our team of hair experts will work their magic. We'll start with a consultation and quote to ensure we're all on the same page.