Hair Smoothing in Brisbane

Experience transformative Hair Smoothing services, now with formaldehyde free Aura Hair Smoothing. Choose between quick or advanced regrowth free Aura treatments to suit your lifestyle. Say goodbye to frizz and welcome sleek, shiny, and perfectly polished hair.


    In just 10 minutes, with no heat required, it's perfect as a top-off to extend the life of your advanced treatment, it not only maintains your hair's aesthetic but also significantly cuts down drying time and enhances manageability. While it won't mimic the ultra-sleek look of a full treatment, it ensures your hair stays effortlessly beautiful and easier to style


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    Transform your hair into something softer, shinier, and beautifully textured. Starting with a double shampoo, followed by our special product application and a 30-minute heat treatment, this quick process ensures a sleek finish. We wrap up with a thorough wash, careful blow-dry, and detailed ironing for an instantly smooth and shiny look. Perfect for those seeking a significant hair upgrade in minimal time


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    This comprehensive treatment follows a multi-step protocol that involves deep cleansing, product application, heat treatment, and hydration each designed to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the smoothing process.  The gradual wear-off over 4-6 months ensures a seamless, regrowth-free look.

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Hair Straightening in Brisbane

Hair Straightening Service uses a chemical process to permanently make your hair straight and easy to manage. It's perfect for anyone wanting a lasting solution to curls and frizz, offering a significant change with little daily effort. Unlike the temporary Aura Smoothing, this method can't be applied to coloured hair, presenting a clear, long-term option for natural strands.

Chemical Hair Straightening

Hair straightening begins with a consultation to understand your hair type and desired outcome. This is followed by the hair wash and the application of a special straightening solution that breaks down the hair's natural bonds. Once the solution has processed, the hair is carefully dried and straightened with a flat iron to reinforce the new straight shape. A neutralizer is then applied to fix the hair in its straight configuration and prevent damage. The process concludes with a thorough rinse, drying, and styling, leaving your hair permanently straight, smooth, and manageable. Each step is essential for achieving uniform, lasting results, making the process lengthy but rewarding with significantly reduced daily styling time

From $250*

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Not sure what you need?

If you don't know what to choose or can't decide what to do with you hair, but want a change, let our stylists decide for you! Book I don't know what I want and our team of experts will work their magic. We'll start with a consultation and quote to ensure we're all on the same page.

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