About LALA Team

LALA Hair Studio was established in 2013 by Leigh Marsh. Nestled in Camp Hill, Brisbane QLD, the studio quickly grew a reputation for their colours, hair transformations, and over and above service with a smile.

Leigh, Master Director

For over two decades, Leigh has poured her passion and expertise into the art of
hairdressing. Her unwavering commitment to education and upskilling has helped
shape some of Brisbane's top hairdressers, while her remarkable hair services have empowered countless women with newfound confidence. With Leigh, you can expect an exceptional hair experience that's crafted just for you

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Emily, Artistic Stylist

She loves nothing more than creating fashion-forward looks, from balayage to lived-in blonde and natural colors. However, Emily knows that healthy hair is the key to any great style, which is why she makes sure to provide the necessary treatments to keep your locks in tip-top shape.

But Emily's talents don't stop there. With a warm and bubbly personality, she's always ready to listen to your needs and offer expert advice on what's best for you. Plus, she'll make sure you leave the salon with all the tips and tricks you need for perfect home maintenance, so you can keep your new look looking flawless.

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Ebony, Artistic Stylist

She is a highly experienced hair stylist with over 14 years of expertise in elite salons. Her true passion is in the art of hair colouring, and she specializes in creating stunning Lived in Blondes, Balayage, and Natural Highlights. In addition to her artistic flair, Ebony is deeply committed to promoting healthy hair, and she takes great pride in educating her clients on the best maintenance practices to achieve the most optimal results. With her unwavering dedication to her craft and her clients, Ebony is truly a standout professional in the world of hair styling.

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Maggie, Artistic Stylist

Maggie doesn’t just style hair—she crafts stories with every snip and color. Constantly evolving, she stays ahead of the curve, assimilating the freshest trends and innovative techniques. Maggie's true gift lies in her uncanny ability to tune into a client's vision: whether it's capturing the sun-kissed hues of a delicate balayage or unveiling the fierce allure of a standout blonde.

Every session with Maggie is a journey to rediscover your best self. She believes that every client should leave not just looking radiant, but feeling it too. Infusing every appointment with her vibrant energy, Maggie ensures the salon isn't just about transformation but also about celebration, creating moments that linger long after the visit.

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Sarah, Artistic Stylist

For Sarah, a hair appointment is more than just a session; it's an experience. She always begins with a thorough consultation, ensuring she grasps each client's vision down to the tiniest detail. This is how she makes sure each client walks out feeling fabulous. Her specialties? Foiling, lived-in balayages, creative cuts, and bouncy blow-dries

Sarah also knows the intricacies of maintaining and styling curly locks. She’s your go-to guru for all things curly and wavy, guiding you on how to keep those curls lively and lustrous!

When she's not working her magic in the salon, Sarah enjoys chatting about her Lebanese heritage and travelling. She adores a sunny beach day and confesses to a love for luxury brands. Plus, she's always on the hunt for the next delicious Asian eatery – so feel free to share any of your favourites!

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Sandra, Emerging Stylist

With over 13 years in the beauty industry, Sandra is more than just an experienced salon specialist. As she steps into her new role as an emerging stylist, her dedication to perfection and keen eye for detail shines through. Whether crafting a new hairstyle or giving a transformative color, Sandra’s touch is both skilled and meticulous.

Clients don’t just come to Sandra for a service; they come for an experience. Many liken it to a brief escape, with one noting, "With Sandra, it's not just a head massage; it feels like a short holiday."

Beyond her skills in the salon, Sandra's nurturing side is evident in her close bond with her cat. It’s this blend of professionalism and genuine warmth that makes a session with Sandra both memorable and refreshing.

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Lauren, Studio Coordinator

Lauren is our welcoming and knowledgeable studio coordinator who will make your experience at the Hair Studio truly unforgettable.

From the moment you walk through the door, she'll be there to greet you with a friendly smile and make sure you feel right at home. She can work her magic to find the perfect appointment spot so you can always give her a call before pulling out your hair if you’ve left your booking to the last minute. (We are guilty of it too!)

 Her passion for all things beauty is evident in the flawless looks she creates for herself and others. Whether you need a full face of glam or just a touch of mascara, Lauren's got you covered. With over 8 years of experience as a makeup artist she is here to make your next occasion glam the best one yet! 

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Not sure what you need?

If you don't know what to choose or can't decide what to do with you hair, let our stylists decide for you! Book I don't know what I want and our team of hair experts will work their magic. We'll start with a consultation and quote to ensure we're all on the same page.