I Don't Know What I Want? Don't know what to choose or can't decide what to do with you hair but want a change? Let our stylists decide for you! Any service that can be done in the time frame and service cost will vary depending on the services performed. 
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Smoothing & Chemical Straightening*

It is a technique that involves breaking down the hair's protein connections through chemical straightening. Curly or wavy hair becomes straight when certain bonds are broken.

In-salon permanent straightening of the hair usually lasts between four and six months. As soon as you notice your roots growing, you'll need to decide whether or not you want to repeat the treatment.

Perm Perms alter hair texture by using chemicals to create waves or curls.

 Styling Lesson

If you want to learn all the tricks and products to make your hair look fantastic, make an appointment with one of our talented Artistic Stylists today!

Eyebrow Tint You may enhance, contour, and define your eyebrows by having semi-permanent colour applied. Eyebrow tinting creates the impression of thicker, more defined brows by matching the natural colour of your brows as closely as possible.
Eyelash Tint Make your eyelashes appear fuller and longer using a semi-permanent colour to darken the natural lashes. 
Makeup Our in-house Makeup Artist can get you Glam for any Event!