We're known for our brilliant blondes, but we're also experts in vibrant colours, head-turning cuts, styles and blow dries! Check out our services descriptions that can be personalised to suit you. If you don't know what you want or need, no worries! We've got you covered, book I don't know what I want.

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Balayage is a free hand highlight application technique that does not typically require foil to separate the hair. Balayage is a gentle and natural gradation of lightness along the hair strand that is often slightly darker closer to the scalp and fading to a seamless blonde (or tone of your choice - caramel/honey/vanilla/ash). It is a low maintenance because it grows out naturally, therefore there is no noticeable regrowth line.  To book just click on the service and choose the date and time

Balayage Blonde

Half head *

Touch up only - Half head effect of free hand painting

Balayage Blonde  

Full head *

A blonde balayage looks natural and glamorous at the same time. Full head, 90 minutes appointment. Ideal for those with lighter hair

Balayage Brunette

Half head *

Touch up only - Half head effect of free hand painting

Balayage Brunette

Full head *

A brunette balayage looks natural and glamorous at the same time. Full head, 90 minutes appointment. 
Ideal for those with darker hair

*Quote provided in appointment.


Regrowth Tint *

Permanent colour for a 6 week regrowth (price may vary if regrowth is larger)

Ends Refresh *


After frequent shampooing, the exposure to QLD's sun, and everyday hair styling, the ends of your hair can become faded and dull. When you have your roots touched up, the stylist can also refresh the ends of your hair. Usually combined with a tint treatment

Blonde Bombshell (on scalp) *

 All over colour application on the scalp with a lightening powder.

Colour Correction *

Whatever hair colour you want we can make it happen. If you are after a huge change, going dark to light, or light to dark, fixing patches / uneven bits book this service. 

Toner *

Creates the desired tone and add shine. Toners, which contain little to no ammonia, softly alter the undertone of hair and are classified as demi-permanent or semi-permanent hair colour. 

10 minute appointment to refresh the tone of your hair.

Gloss (demi colour) *

A hair gloss creates shine and smoothes the cuticle of the hair and it can also add or remove tone as part of the colouring process. We apply it all over colour to darken/shine/tone hair

Partial Tint *

A permanent colour which can lighten or darken your hairline  and part covered with colour only.

 Creative colour*

Ready for a big change- book this service which allows us to have more time to create your make over with two assigned appointments at once.

*Quote provided in appointment.


All of our lightening services include PLEX LIGHTENER to give hair protection and provide the best results. Achieve beautiful and healthy blonde hair with PLEX LIGHTENER at LALA Hair Studio.

Face Framing *

It's a brighter frame around the face, usually it is combined with Balayage/Foils. Face Framing grows out with little upkeep or maintenance

10 foils - fashion foiling

Partial *

Partial means we will use foils around the hairline and around your face

Half Head *

The top of half of the head being lightened (usually placed around the face and above the crown) If you want natural dimension, go with half head highlights

Three quarter head*
3/4 head of foils to cover nearly the full head just under.

Full Head *

One of the best options if you want an all-over lighter look without bleaching your full head of hair. 

*Quote provided in appointment.


Ladies Style Cut ^

Includes shampoo, condition, scalp massage, blow-dry and styling. 

Reshape Style Cut ^

If you are wanting to take more length off or do a big change please book this service as it allows us to book an appropriate amount of time for your hair cut

Fringe Trim

Quick and precise. Also includes creative hair fringe

Mens Short hair Cut ^

Trims on short hair. Just like at barbershops but better :)

Mens Long hair cut ^
Men with hair past check bones in length

Beard Trim

We do beard trims as well, no matter the length of it

Cut Throat

 Ultra close shave. After shave and moisturiser are applied to round out the ritual. This requires more effort than using an electric shaver and also takes a skilled and steady hand 

^Includes shampoo, condition, scalp massage, blow-dry and styling.


Wash and Blow Wave SHORT *

Complimentary wash with head massage and blow-dry styling for Hair that is above the ears only. NOT VALID ON SATURDAYS. ALL SATURDAY BLOWAVES ARE CHARGED AS MED-LONG PRICE ONLY**

Wash and Blow Wave MED-LONG* Complimentary wash with head massage and blow-dry styling for Hair that is below the ears and longer.

Blow Wave (post colour)

A blow-dry after any colour and lightening service only. 

Adds on curl Curls to be added on extra to any styling service that needs extra time 

Master Glam *

Glamour extra styling. This is an hour appointment, please request if you would like washing also as time may need to be added. As this is for the hot tool styling that needs that extra attention. 

Formal *

Book formal styling if you have a special event on. This is an hour appointment

*Quote provided in appointment.


Deluxe *

Express treatment with an essential oil hot towel that takes 5 minutes. 
Helps to moisture, repair and anti-frizz your hair. Can be done as often as weekly. 

Extra Deluxe *


We recommended this treatment for blondes needing to add re-bonding and to moisture to the structure of hair. Takes 5 mins and includes an essential oil infused towel and a head massage. 

Ultra Deluxe *

In salon service only, a re-bonding treatment with an added booster of your hair needs - moisture, colour, anti-frizz or repair. All include an essential oil infused hot towel, a head massage. It is a 10min relaxing experience

Extreme Deluxe *

Anti-aging intensive mask with an added serum of your hairs needs (moisture, repair, anti-frizz or colour) with a soothing indulgent luxury eye mask and an essential oil hot towel. 

In salon experience only

Olaplex Express

Because OLAPLEX Express contains a proprietary active component called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, it has become a phenomenon that is recognised all over the world. Internally working on the hair, it seeks out broken disulphide bonds caused by chemical, thermal, mechanical, or environmental damage and repairs them. We can restore all different kinds of hair using OLAPLEX, regardless of the level of damage it already has. When OLAPLEX is added to your colouring services, the experience is elevated to an entirely new level, resulting in the creation of hair that is in better condition after the service than it was before the service. Each and every one of the OLAPLEX products is free of sulphates, parabens and phthalates; they are colour-safe; they are vegan; and they have NEVER been tested on animals.

Olaplex 2 is intensive restructuring pre treatment that takes 10 mins or longer. In salon experience only

Olaplex 1+2

This extensive restoring treatment is performed in salon only and is aimed to maintain your hair  in the best possible condition while they are getting a chemical treatment (like colouring), which can be damaging to a certain extent. 

When hair is bleached for an excessive amount of time, the bonds in the hair might get damaged, split, or even shattered. Olaplex not only prevents the hair from the damage done by colouring process, but it makes the hair stronger, healthier, and more shiny, and helps repair some of the damage that has already been done to the hair.

You can notice a difference with Olaplex even if you don't colour your hair. For example, if you frequently have perms or just style your hair with heat. If you over-curl your hair with curling wands that don't regulate the heat very well, heat-style your hair with flatirons, or blow-dry your hair on a high heat setting, you run the risk of causing damage to the hair all the way down to its inner core. Olaplex is also greatly beneficial if you are planning to perm your hair. 

15mins -1 hour timing.
Aura Smoothing Express
Smoothing anti-frizz system with natural vegetable elements that lasts up to six washes. Only in-salon use.
It takes at least ten minutes 
Scalp Ultra Deluxe Add on We use special live probiotics on your scalp, whether you want to soothe it, reduce flaking or reduce oil production. 10 minutes at the salon. We recommend to do the treatment regularly to achieve the best results



Perm Perms alter hair texture by using chemicals to create waves or curls.
One on one styling session If you want to learn all the tricks and products to make your hair look fantastic, make an appointment with one of our talented Artistic Stylists today!
Eye brow tint You may enhance, contour, and define your eyebrows by having semi-permanent colour applied. Eye b row tinting creates the impression of thicker, more defined brows by matching the natural colour of your brows as closely as possible.
Extension maintenance Hair extensions need to be 'lifted' and retied into your natural hair every 6-10 weeks as part of standard maintenance at the hair salon.

Smoothing straightening/

chemical straightening

It is a technique that involves breaking down the hair's protein connections through chemical straightening. Curly or wavy hair becomes straight when certain bonds are broken.

In-salon permanent straightening of the hair usually lasts between four and six months. As soon as you notice your roots growing, you'll need to decide whether or not you want to repeat the treatment.

Consultation  Come and have a chat to have a detailed and tailored to your hair needs quote based